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Kevin Conley letter

This is the letter received by a number of senior administrators from a person calling himself Kevin Conley. Green text is where I have removed a name, e-mail address, or profanity.

As explained in chapter 6, this was initially dismissed as fabrication, but discovering that E.Wig was TK convinced me that it was genuine.

Mr. Schlafly, I hope you will read this, as I will not write again. TK is a member of Rationalwiki, using the name "EWig". He has been banning good CP users and installing subversive "socks" from rationalwiki, and passing information from the CP sysops "special-discussion-group" mailing list and copies of your emails to rationalwiki members, and is trying to frame Rob S for it. It is easy to see TK is also E Wig, if you look at the Rationalwiki page for user:EWig: http://www.rationalwiki.com/wiki/User_talk:E.Wig At one point TK posts as "EWig", but forgets to log in, so his IP shows on his post - - this is one of TK's IPs. Check this against his IPs at Conservapedia. This same IP shows on a dozen posts made by both "EWig" and "TK". You can see this by looking at the "history" for TK's IP on the Rationalwiki board: http://www.rationalwiki.com/wiki/Special:Contributions/ A couple of banned CP users had an attack of conscience and made these communications public (there are more than this too) --- TK: Andy posted to the group that although you had editing rights, you beared watching.... your Phoenix sock. AmesG: Noooooo - Why? TK: who knows..perhaps because somone at the forum is alerting him? or perhaps someone copied the info when that forum was opened by Kels? AmesG: No, I'd be banned if so. TK: maybe. andy doesnt believe anything right away. for the next week, stick to [Profanity removed] some moron YEC would be interested in. AmesG: Done & done. TK: I asked Linus for a special forum to hide RW shit from CP. I wanted a place free of CP prying eyes. "Subversive" makes sense, since socks have to be kept secret as do Vandalism attacks. But a forum that all can enter except one member? WTF is that? So typical! They post on RW about a open community, where everyone runs it. I post that what they say is bullshit...and get attacked for saying it! Called a liar! Then here, they cannot wait to exclude me. I don't have a problem being bashed for what I do, as E.Wig...but TK is an act. They need to understand that. --- To: TK From: Ames [name removed by request] [AmesG's email address] Subject : Taking a gamble. My sock "Phoenix" has read the LA Times reporter's article, and is curious about RationalWiki. He will go to RW this evening to seek to figure out what's going on there. So, two things: 1. DO NOT publicly run a checkuser on him. He has the same IP as my AmesG account. 2. DO make fun of him on RW. A LOT. The more you make fun of him, the more street cred I get on CP. --- To : Ames [name removed by request] [AmesG's email address] From : TK Subject : RE: Taking a gamble. I hope it doesn't backfire on you, Ames. I'll stay out of it since many know I have another ID there. --- To: E.Wig/TK From: Ames [name removed by request] [AmesG's email address] Subject : RE: Taking a gamble. Do you think it would backfire? I'll scrub it if you do. But, my reasoning is that if Andy saw me getting beaten up on RW, he might start to think of me a little better. --- To : Ames [name removed by request] [AmesG's email address] From : TK Subject : RE: Taking a gamble. Phoenix will be fine, if you invest in some good editing, article creation. No posting to others that you know Linus and the others sock accounts, no posting to Andy's page. I can post that edit to the group.....make Rob worried about his email and laptop, lol. FYI...Andy has guessed someone from RW is working Conservative, feeding him all that bogus shit about citations, etc. So while someone has fooled the fool, Andy isn't as much a fool as some think he is. ;-) --- To: Linus [Linus's email address] From: TK Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2007 Read the convo on AmedG's page, jtl comes there, mentions my edit of the TK archives, which, Linus, you aint so dumb, you know what he was doing, publicly linking Ewig with TK. Now can you recognize he's a bad apple? --- To: TK From: Linus [Linus's email address] Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2007 I doubt that Andy comes and regularly trolls over Ames' talk page -- and, if he does, you can suggest that you're setting a trap for us, couldn't you? Not lie, but something like "well, I could be setting a trap for them, couldn't I ;). And I could have gotten several already, couldn't I?". --- To : E.Wig/TK From: Ames [name removed by request] [AmesG's email address] Subject: Watch the fireworks http://www.rationalwiki.com/wiki/User_talk:RobS#That.27s_it.2C_I.27m_blowing_your_cover I'm pretending RobS is a sysop. I just want to see the fireworks, and I figure it might work. Do you have any secret sysop letters that Rob wrote, or Andy wrote so I could pretend to "prove" this claim? --- To : Ames [name removed by request] [AmesG's email address] From : E.Wig/TK Subject : RE: Watch the fireworks Sysop on RW? Shouldn't the list show him to be one, like Hoji? Then a screen shot could be taken? Trent or Linus could manipulate the DB to show he became one much earlier... Read this. hahahah... - PhilipR wrote: "I've said before that I doubt a vandal is going to spend two weeks and 105 edits (Phoenix' stats) just to potentially (i.e. with no certainty) gain enough credibility to be granted the right to upload images which, if offensive, will get deleted and will get them an almost-instant ban. It's not worth their effort." Most of Phoenix's edits are trivial. For example, his latest edit was simply to insert "Dr. Dino" into Kent Hovind's entry. That edit, by the way, suggests Phoenix is part of the RW crowd. 105 edits is just two hours at that rate. Sure, the vandals would put in that effort, and more, to hurt us. If we give Phoenix uploading power, then he can share his id and password with other vandals. At 5am or 6am, they could upload pornography, or pro-homosexual images. Or maybe they have something even more clever in mind. It doesn't hurt to watch Phoenix for another week. The more I see, the more sure I am that he's AmesG, however. Rob was alert to raise this possibility. I had not even imagined it... Phoenix just recreated the [[Reparative therapy]], which was merged into [[Homosexuality]] after a long debate; Phoenix has a history of editing on legal matters and claims to be a paralegal. My guess is he's AmesG. --RobS http://www.conservapedia.com/Special:Contributions/Phoenix Rob, Check the other edits by Phoenix. Your comment really makes little sense. Let's give Phoenix the upload, since I am on late enough to watch what he does. as is Justine. I believe he was been corresponding with Andy, discussing their mutual interest in anti-evolutionism, and I personally don't think that fits in with Ames at all, or that he could manage to fake such things even, for more than a day. - TK --- To : AmesG [AmesG's email address] From : TK Subject : Phoenix The pattern fits; he started editing June 9, [[Separation of church and state]] was one of his first edits. Ames Grawer wrote "Old-time religion steers United States toward old-world mistakes" for the Rice Thresher in 2005 on Separation of Church and State, where he also held the position of "Event Coordinator for Secular Students" http://the.ricethresher.org/opinion/2005/08/19/americamarginalizing So Separation of Church and State is uppermost in his mind. He's continued edits in various legal terms and cited a recent Supreme Court ruling on partial birth abortion at [[Right to Life]] http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Right_to_life&diff=prev&oldid=194669 On the old [[Preparative Therapy]] AmesG was involved extensively on the talk page http://www..conservapedia.com/Talk:Reparative_therapy and he tried to use an unqualified source -- the Gay Lesbian Bi Transgender LGBT as a legitimate source to criticize Psychiatrists who practice Preparative therapy. I could check AmesG old contribs, to see if he edited in things like [[Video games]], which it seems many of the younger RW cabalists have a big interest in. --RobS --- From : E.Wig/TK Subject : RE: RationalWiki e-mail People are getting pretty nutty, so let's clear some things up, and stop the silliness, shall we? My coming to RW was a direct result of wanting to include more of you in understanding what I was doing, and it was suggested to me by Linus and AmesG that you guys would be delighted to find I was in agreement with you. Contrary to the hate some are spreading, it was with the full knowledge and encouragement of Linus, and a couple of other of the cabal's leaders, who I have covered for on CP, allowing them and their socks to work, not just to be vandals, but to edit as well. It's pretty simple that someone doing and agreeing with you isn't going to keep their position on CP. I told a few what I was up to, but to tell too many was a risk. So there is the "history" unvarnished. I should note that several of you are more like "TK" than you would ever care to admit, since even knowing I agree with you, the hating continues, and non-logical reasons are being invented to continue it. --E. Wig/TK ---- TK: someone made one of the private forums visible the other morning, and its the one that lists the socks of Ames, Linus, GodlessLiberal, some others, and of course shows TK and Wig the same. if the "situation" isnt resolved, I just break off contact and go back to being TK. rationalairdish: okay, i'll have a root around the forums and see what's what. TK: jtl put up the meese article, noted in his comments the soul author was a CP Sysop, and had a link to the edit log of it that clearly shows it to be TK. since i was in reality helping those who actually started RW, I especially thought it shitty. rationalairdish: that's true enough TK: which is the main reason i decided to take Colin's, Linus's and Ames advice and out myself to a select group of RW users on the forum. I requested the cabal forum be created, so it would not be visible to casual browsers. rationalairdish: ok, i'll ask linus if i can get access to it. (well, to any private forums) TK: so all of the above is why I said, who knows whats become of the plans I made with Ames and Colin rationalairdish: it'll all work out - probably best to lay low for a while. TK: i might just have been tricked myself, and all my posts forwarded to andy. rationalairdish: i wouldn't imagine that would happen. until they're sure you're secretly working for cp :) TK: i have taken real risks, and even as E Wig am being shuned and insulted. in the meantime plans are wasting away and opportunities are lost and the whole place getting further and further under the YEC's control. and i suspect human, kels or jtl of sending shit to andy. because i am noticing my being treated differently, his not responding to my emails instantly, like his previous pattern. rationalairdish: hmmm, they'd be stupid to do it without thinking it through. though, maybe your show of dissent re BethanyS could have done something (or your lack of discretion ;)) TK: to believe that TK is anything other than a parody of some nutty right winger, isnt intelligent, lol. I have fought with andy several times publicly, but he has always beleived me loyal, not like Hoji, lol. I posted in cabal, I needed them to continue to hate TK publicly. rationalairdish: well, you're not as extreme as conservative or karajou. so you were much more believable. TK: well, in actuality, i am not YEC, and TK never pretended to be. and by US standards I am a conservative person, albeit a catholic (lapsed) and pro choice, etc. me, i just cant stand the YEC business and the using the kids for their political agenda. rationalairdish: anyways... i've gotta run. talk to you later, EWig/TK/whatever ;) TK: OK --- TK: If Andy gets a copy of that forum, and I dont put it past Kels or Jtl from doing it, i am a goner Linus: Dude, you're still like, CPs most trusted sysop. Do this: I'll launch a vandal attack. Lock the site down. They love killing vandals. At 8:00, I'll start vandalizing. Eastern Time. At 8:00 ET, I'll launch massive vandalism. You can use siteadmin to lock the site down, and save CP from the vandals. It will show that you are still loyal, if they have any suspicions. I'll get Icewedge and GL to help. TK: I would suggest using the following code for blocking a lot more instances of Icewedge. I|i|1)(C|c)(E|e|3)(W|w)(E|e|3)(D|d)(G|g)(E|e|3) --Tom Major Linus: Sucks. But, I reg all my accounts manually anyway, and I don't generally use Icewedge. TK: from Andy: "finally figured out how to disable the "Random page" feature, and I've disabled it!!!! I assume that this how all the destructive bots work: hit the Random page command, destroy the entry, hit the Random page command, destroy the next entry, hit the Random page command, destroy the third entry, etc. I can't think of any other way for a bot to systematically destroy entries. Ha ha ha. And User:Autofire ("Vandals annoy me," he says on his user page) has already complained. That guy is worth checking out now. - In Christ, Andy Linus: Tell him no, that you know of people who use bots to go through categories destroying everything in them. Of course, I did use [[Special:Random]] for manual vandalism, but not for bots. TK: Oh, btw, Jtl is trying to "out" me on Ames talk page. Might be a good idea if his post went to the DB graveyard. Linus: Doggone it. Oh, I got another sock blocked for no reason. At all. GeekyMoonbat. TK: NC. stay away from NC addresses. Linus: Oh. Have to get a proxy, then. TK: karajou is blocking them for the names not sounding right. we need to get rid of him bad. Linus: Kewl. I'm wondering if I should register with a girl's name. Really gay sounding, I know, but I'm running out of ideas. TK: you need to change your ways with socks. register, make a user page, get some of them christian ubx, like ames did. make good posts and comment the other home schoolers ;-) they are such dopes. Linus: When you say "other", what do you mean? TK: your sock will be a good home schooler, perhaps, or just a good christian boy. thats how the CP game is played. Linus: You know, I am a Christian, and a homeschooler. TK: Will N is homeschooled. Put some "neato" bomber pic on your page, he will be all yours, lol. hahaha. Will complaining to andy, and beth, will do lots for getting karajou removed and rob too. especially when we fake an email from rob, cursing them as trolls. Linus: Have a good name idea? TK: just use a regular name and tie it to a yahoo or msn hotmail thats a regular name. Timmy Smith or what not. Tommy Majors uses his name spelled backwords. ---- AmesG: Uh oh, I think I'm being ignored... have I been found out? TK: I got him taken care of, don't expose yourself needlessly, but that post was cool. Join the [Profanity removed] RW forum: http://forum.rationalwiki.com/index.php Linus has two unseen forums, Cabal and Subversion..the last one being for you, me, GL, Linus, Colin, Trent. I have convinced Linus to get a good sock, and work it hard, as a goody little Christian boy, leave comments for WillN, that new girl Beth. He can be our second new sysop from our group, dude! Did you like my UBX for you? Hahahaha! Get on chat later, aim if you can-we can kick more around. Linus can be good at working the home schooler's, planting ideas about how mean Karajou and Rob are- eventually maybe RobS will loose it as he sometimes does, and curse out on email some little goody-goody, eh? That will start to shake his confidence, especially when he denies sending it, and all the headers show he did! I will then step in, maybe Geo too, saying we think the email is "real". -- Ames: Conservative's getting you in trouble. I've started a short defense of you. It should also prove that I'm not Ames: Ames hates TK, right :-D ? TK: Andy said he was removing Phoenix's night editing, because the vandal attacks were too close to AmesG topics, lol Ames: So has the RobS stuff stirred up any issues on the CP mailing list? TK: just added it today, minutes ago, as i never heard back from you about my question as to if you wanted me to Ames: Sorry :-) DEFINITELY do. Anything you can do to feed the paranoia, is K E Y. Specifically, do you know anything else that's important that's passed through the CP sysop list that I can post fairly harmlessly, to prove I "have access" through RobS? TK: 12:06 PM -----Original Message----- From: special-discussion-groupOn Behalf Of TerryK Sent: Monday, June 25, 2007 11:33 AM To: Special Discussion Group Subject: 2724 Rob, you might want to dump your email client, reinstall... Is it possible that the e-mails we've been receiving are not from RobS, but from a script that someone put in his inbox program? I mean, maybe he didn't write the script, but when his e-mail went "out," someone put the script in? I guess it could be him, unwillingly then: I don't really care, as long as we keep getting the e-mails. Otherwise, how would I know to laugh my ass off at how RobS thinks every user from Houston is me, and how Karajou simultaneously thinks that every user from Atlanta is me, too? You guys should stop picking on poor Houstonian users. There are 6 million of us, you know.-AmesG 01:45, 24 June 2007 (CDT) from "http://www.rationalwiki.com/wiki/User_talk:RobS" Remember, there was the earlier post from some blog owner, saying that Rob's posting there enabled him to somehow access his computer and/or email? Does anyone know how merely being on a site, or a blog, allows this? --TK TK: :p Ames: Nice. Nicely done. TK: in his paranoid, non-medicated state, we should see a new burst of hyper activity soon, lol Ames: Nice. On Schlafly's side? TK: Rob Ames: Ahah TK: it will push him. if any RW people have contacts...they need to spur on more attacks of him on WP. the mob there needs to keep the pressure on him...last time it nearly led to his breaking down. Ames: Do you have any info that I could "leak" harmlessly :-) ? TK: gave Pachyderm 24x7 edit privileges. - God bless, Andy TK: nice he gives RW people editing when he denies others for merely living in what is deemed the wrong city, eh? make packy flippin, and andy will freak the [Profanity removed] out. they think they have Flippin isolated to ND, Grand Forks, lol Ames: What do you mean? TK: if you somehow made a post to flippin, congrats on his getting 24/7 editing. I could post that to the group. cause they would connect the dots to pacyaderm, the elephant. they hate Flippin, they think they have his IP isolated to ND, and he has indeed fed that. so if Andy thought this "good" editor was a sock of flippin, they would be in chaos. Ames: Seriously? That fragile? TK: hell yes, Karajou is. You know they like everyone in a box, I knew Flippin wasnt in the area they think he is, when he acknowledged he was, lol. Ames: Nice - I'll do it, Okay TK: just let flippin know, lol Ames: Can you get me somethign else, though? Like, "Andy, heard you're planning XXX"? Something that I wouldn't know if I didn't have access? Please.... And I'll e-mail flippin asap TK: Karajou thinks he's a great detective. he extrapolates lots of shit. sometimes meaningless shit and gives it great meaning - DemocraticRevolution showed up and started making POV edits criticizing the US policy toward Cuba and other things. After being warned, he suddenly set up a full user page filled with user boxes. I was surprised that a new user would be able to come up with that all of a sudden, so I IP traced him... to Halifax. --DanH We need to block this man permanently. We've got to do a blanket block of his IP, because all he is doing is hanging up, dialing again under a slightly-different IP, and damaging the site. --Karajou Ames: NICE. YOU ROCK TK: http://www.conservapedia.com/User_talk:DemocraticRevolution - and look who first posted to him - another chance to subtly connect him to Liberal [deceit] - Hoji Ames: Oh no!!! I like it. TK: i just found an email from you from 6/22. NM...i responded. about working on stuff for robs page. Ames: You mean, framing Rob? TK: yes Ames: Could you supply any more docs that would suggest an ongoing info feed from RobS? TK: yes, offered to, we need to go over some, perhaps in that board chat so all can comment at the same time. special-discussion-group@googlegroups.com Group Members: [Aschlafly's email address], [TerryH's email address], [geo.plrd's email address], [RobS's email address], [Ed Poor's email address], [Karajou's email address], [TK's email address], [DanH's email address], [P. J. Rayment's email address], [Ymmotrojam's email address], [CPWebmaster's email address], [different TK's email address] ---- To: TK From: Linus [Linus's email address] Sent: Friday, June 22, 2007 Subject: Block? Why did you block "Che"? What exactly did I do wrong? --- To : Linus [Linus's email address] From : E.Wig Sent : Friday, June 22, 2007 10:37 PM Subject : RE: Block? LOL 1. Didn't let me know. If wanting to place socks, tell me, I can post the welcome template, etc. Buys time to vandalize or whatever. 2. You went straight for Hoji's page 3. Went to Sean the Sheep article. Bohdan and Crocoite were leading the defense...I could do little else but block it, and Bohdan emailed everyone it was Level3 Communications, Atlanta...on dialup. Most sysops know that's your sig. I have tried to learn you, boy....IM works best for coordinating. The days of the lone wolf wrecking the place are almost over. - TK ----- To: Ames [name removed by request] [AmesG's email address] From: EWig/TK Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2007 With all that's been happening our window of opportunity has pretty much closed for a while. I assume you know of Jtl emailing through the board mail, every sysop? My thoughts are that it is good to have TK attacked at RW, the more they are nasty to TK, the more power he gets at CP. What my issue is, some at RW, once they understood who E.Wig was, continued the nastiness to his persona as well. In spite of all that, I have continued to help and assist those who actually dislike CP enough to do something. I guess my "problem" is the problem others have with differentiating between the character that TK is (and he truly is a character, and not at all representative of my own views on wiki's or life) and E.Wig, the person who has been undermining and subverting CP for months now. When users at RW seek to expose Wig, link him to TK publicly on RW, instead of covering it up, like when stupid me forgets who he is logged in as, it makes me wonder if those people are more interested in hating than accepting someone who has been on their side since before RW existed. Ditto the forums, and Kels exposing our planning forum there. Silly and reckless, over a perceived hate. We can use the chat feature at one of my blanked boards, if this helps communication run smoother and faster than email. Just let me know. -------- TK is playing an internet game. He has targeted your site. He doesn't care about Conservapedia, he is just in it for the power, for the "fun" of using people and pushing them around. This is his hobby, he is an internet paraiah. He is blocking good CP users and recruiting them to Rationalwiki. He is actively sabotaging Conservapedia. His articles are all plagarized. He is participating in framing sysop Rob S. He plants suspicions about good CP users and hides the RW socks. TK is evil and deceitful. And you have given him power over your site. TK is up to no good. It looks like his goal is to limit the abilities of sysops, while increasing his own authority. For instance, has he ever suggested some sysops should have their abilities limited in some way? Perhaps be unable to block or unblock users? Did he ever try to stop anyone from having charge of a function, like the IRC group, or being named in some capacity for the site? Does he insist others need to get his approval before doing a sysop function, or must talk to him about it first? He was recently elevated to "Siteadmin", next he will most likely seek Beaurocrat status. Then his plan is to try to drive a wedge between the boss (andy S) and the Sysops. Look out for the following behavior: If he suggests there should be more "distance" between the boss and the other sysops, or there would be "better communication" if all sysops requests were routed through him. Or if he suggests that giving himself more authority over the other sysops would "free you up" for more important things, or asks to be appointed in charge of the other sysops. We believe his plan is to destroy Conservapedia. -------

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TK Timeline

25th April, 2007

First Admin. e-mail group.

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Ed Poor proposes me as "template manager".

30th June, 2007

Kevin Conley letter

3rd July, 2007

My letter to Andy about TK/E.Wig.

29th November, 2007

Jallen blocks TK for infinite

6th January, 2008

Ed Poor unblocks TK

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