Established in 1991, SubZero is a creative outsourcing studio based in Melbourne, Australia showcasing the services of Cameron Crichton
as Director, Production Manager, Animator and Artist
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From June to September 2017 Cameron created six characters for the fourth film in Thee Wreckers series by Studio Rosto AD. Model, rig, texture, hair groom, mocap transfer, cloth set up and simulation in Maya, Mudbox, Yeti and Vray. Client: Flow Post, The Netherlands.

In July 2017 Cameron animated AirNZ's kiwi mascot, voiced by Sam Neill. Client: Blockhead, New Zealand.

From April to June of 2017 Cameron created the digital double of the eponymous, oversized porker for Chris Sun's long awaited horror flick Boar. Mudbox, Maya, Arnold and Yeti. Client: Pig Enterprises, Sunshine Coast.

Boar film

In March 2017 working with Ornatrix, Max and Redshift Cameron created the groom for the wolf and the growing fur transformation in the Ford Ranger TV spot. Client: Cadre Pictures, Melbourne.

Throughout August and September of 2016 Cameron worked with the team at Lightwell to create and animate Tasmanian cave spiders for a couple of interactive displays at the Australian Museum exhibition Spiders, Alive and Deadly. Modeled and rigged in Maya with fbx exports to a custom real time engine.

Spiders, Alive and Deadly

In June 2016 working with Yeti, Maya and Vray Cameron created the groom for the cat featured in the census night tvc. Client: Blackbird, Sydney.

Through February to April 2016 Cameron updated Raymond the Ram with a new woolly coat for Method Sydney as well as lighting shots for the 60 second TVC using Yeti and Arnold.

In early 2016 Cameron created the Aardgas bear, working from the Director's sketches Cameron modeled, textured and rigged the lovable blue creature for Flow Post in Belgium.

In April of 2014 Cameron provided fur and feathers for France's Cube Creative.
Fur and feathers were created with Yeti and rendered with Arnold.

From June 2012 to May of 2013 Cameron worked as FX Artist at Iloura Melbourne on After Earth, The Great Gatsby and I, Frankenstein.

Yeti was used for the fur in After Earth. Tests were rendered in vray and finals rendered with 3delight. Maya nCloth was used for the fern simulations.

In 2013 Cameron worked on I, Frankenstein using Fume FX for atmosphere and smoke, Rayfire for breaking glass, nCloth animation/simulation to transform of capes into wings as well modelling, texturing and lighting the axe hole in the plank.

The vfx team at Iloura were responsible for populating the 'valley of ashes' sequences in The Great Gatsby. There was a team of six people generating fume grids and then each member created layouts for a particular sequence which covered a specific area of the environment. Background CG elements were rendered in Maya Vray by the lighting team and were combined with the Max Vray renders in Nuke.

From May to September of 2011Cameron worked as FX Artist at Iloura Melbourne on Ghost Rider 2 primarily using Fume FX but also animating displacement maps and 3d projections in Nuke for the decay effect.


Cameron provides cinematic direction, production management and art creation services for music video, television commercials, corporate video, in-game cinematics, marketing trailers and other promotional material related to the games industry.


Cameron modelled the dinosaurs for the Museum of Victoria's Dinosaur Walk exhibition as well as characters for numerous game cinematics.


in 2012 Cameron animated for Plastic Wax on Darksiders 2 and wrangled mocap for Saints Row and Devils Third.


Custom 3DS Max rigs for in-game and cinematic for Darksiders 2 and cinematic rigs for NeverWinter Nights.


SubZero's services also include pre-vis for television commercials, game cinematics and films. No matter what your budget pre-vis will save you time and money.  Pre-vis provides the client with a clear vision to the final product well before any footage has been shot and makes sure the production team has a singular vision of what they are trying to achieve.

  • Storyboards

  • Animatics

  • 3D Layout


Cameron Crichton has created and directed content for Act3, Torus Games, Tantalus, Krome, Blue Tongue, Bioware, Atari, Midway, THQ, Take-Two Interactive and Activision. Marketing trailers directed at Act3 include;

  • Neverwinter Nights 2

  • Dragon Age

  • Sacred 2

  • Fury

For full cinematic production and motion capture services please visit Act3 Animation.

SubZero has worked with a broad range of clients from around the globe;

    Method Studios, Cadre Pictures, Blockhead NZ, Lightwell, Studio Local (NZ), Blackbird, Flow Post Production (NL), Cube Creative (Fr), Airbag, Plastic Wax, Act3, Crystallised, Momentum Animations, Silver Spoon Productions, Artist Services, ABC, Mushroom, BMG, Scotch College, Spectron Security Printing, TABCorp, ScienceWorks, Cadbury/Schweppes, ANZ, Tattersalls, Philip Morris, NEC, Pacific Access, Gaffney Licensing and Fila.

**The Director and Modelling reels show content produced at Act3 by Cameron Crichton. Click here for shot breakdown, credit list and more content.