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This is the personal home page of David Burns, a 3rd year PhD student in Melbourne, Australia. Feel free to browse around the site - I hope you find it interesting... if not, come back later, hopefully I've added more to read by then!

However, I recommend you look at the Square Haloarchaea of Walsby pics - this is a really unusual organism! This square organism (sometimes referred to as "square bacteria") remained uncultured for over twenty years before being cultivated.
Not only is it square, but it is also unusual in that it only grows in hypersaline (extremely salty) water.


17-May-05 - My paper on the cultivation of the "square bacteria" was the second most downloaded paper from FEMS Microbiological Letters for the last quarter of 2004! Further, it's the only non-review paper (ie, original scientific research) in the top 4 papers listed!

Go to the Elsevier ScienceDirect website here.

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Square Haloarchaea of Walsby

My laboratory has recently cultured a square organism, similar to bacteria. Click the picture to read about this weird and interesting organism!


The scale bar represents 5 millionths of a metre - these things are very small!


Although not everyone believes me, I do quite a bit of research when I'm at my lab at Melbourne Uni. Read about my and my lab's research here.



Recent photos of various events I have taken part in - and some that I haven't. If you're looking for photos, this is the category.


Some of my interests here. These include the linux distribution Ubuntu, which I use in my lab, and a few other IT related things.

Click the image to go to the Ubuntu page.