Above: Me at Fenway Park in Boston


Below: Jacquie and Jamie.

About Me

Well, what can I tell you.

My name is Andrew and I am married to Jacquie, we have one great daughter, Jamie, and a dog called Oscar, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We all live in a period home in a western suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

An Accountant and CPA by background, I work in the Business Intelligence arena (e.g. some 10 years) for a global software company. A change to the many years in the business community holding senior accounting roles (i.e. CIO/CFO). I fly, build model aircraft and instruct in a martial art called Aikido.

Jacquie, also an Accountant, works for a couple of companies, part time. She is a Tai Chi practitioner and LOVES yoga.

Jamie, 13 years old, our pride and joy, is the star. Already an accomplished individual, after starting dance and Aikido when she was just 4, she now holds a junior black belt and awards in modern dance and Classical Ballet.

Oscar on the other hand just enjoys the simple things in life like food, sleep and a nice walk in smelly places. :-)

An Australian RV-10 Journey

Contact details:

Mobile: +61 414 593 580

E-mail: along at aanet dot com dot au

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