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Who the Fuck is Horrahedd and why do they smell so?

If you're the sort of person who likes a bit of Death in yer Hammond organ or a bit of Stink in your Electric piano, then this band is for you. Horrahedd is a cross between an out of focus UFO photo and a Black stain on a Murder scene Floor. The eclectic horrahedd sound stalks the avant-garde boundaries of Boozed up Drugarama, B-grade Horror soundtrack, 70's Biker Grooves and slasher murder ditties. Ugly is Beautiful Ugly is Beautiful etc etc etc. Check out the mp3s in the discography pages Warning! this little write up will not satisfy the seeker of Horrahedd Knowledge. It will only feed the confused folk with more fodder to send its mind into deeper confusion. What does it feel like to have a eight inch spider crawlin around in your head., listen to horrahedd. What does a blade wet with blood sound like as it splits a wind pipe , Listen to horrahedd. What does love beyond measure sound like, listen to horrahedd. Many things can a horrahedd beast be. Any way I'm sick of writing for now, See ya later Vomit Baby 7/7/05 .

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