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  Robs haunted house

Friday the 14th saw over 400 people visit the haunted house. thats 400 people exposed

to the nasty sounds of horrahedd.  check out

Some photos of Horrahedd playing at Robs haunted house.


Ben Edwards playing chains and noise.

mr glenn

Mr Glenn a theremin, a keyboard noise device and magic mushrooms in 3d


The little girl from the cover of the number 9 album


Some monsters enjoying the show.

Every month or so I will upload a complete horrahedd album. thats 14 albums in all.
For starters Im putting up the first cd dark and cheesty/ Happy happy death death
Check out the down load page.
December the 14th Horrahedd live again at robs Haunted house.
Check out robs haunted house facebook website for more info.

Horrahedd live at robs haunted house.
Horrahedd played live at Robs haunted house for the 2012 Halloween period.
6 hours of  improv terror. He abused teenagers, frightened little children and made the
carnival atmosphere degenerate like a rotting maggot pie. Then it was recorded
and reduced to a time frame small enough to squeeze onto a CD.
C heck the discography page.

Horrahedd got trapped in someone else's mind.

The illusion machine took over and blew his mind away. He hid deep in a tiny refuge at the back of the skull.
 An artist or two called for him but he remained steadfast. As his atoms of self disappeared his maker awoke from the
 coma. Ping pong eyeballs dimming, rotting 70's latex deforming,, "Horra....Horra...."he called. I cant tell from reading this paragraph if there
is one or two voices. The maker of the hedd and the hedd. I dont want to rot. Spew forth your mind jizz and
spray my third eye with your spirit. As you wish. The brain is a hell of a drug. Did I lose two years?

Mankind maketh music monster.
Another Album. Fuck me dead,. Hasn't Horrahedd anything better to do

Not a secret Album
Hideous ole Moog is a horrahedd tribute to all those 70's Moog albums
Everysound on the album is Moog. except for the odd vocal sample.

Secret Album
Mr Glenn released a piano bar album for a fellow Artist. An mp3 might be posted soon.

The Odious manifesto

It's finished. Horrahedds album number ten is finally

completed. 19 tracks of full odious intent aimed at your sorry arses.

A year in the making.  The process totally fucking the minds

of all that  were involved.

Check out the audio page for some sneak previews.

George bush post pleadian on you tube.

Check out youtube and search for George bush post pleadian

you will get to see a large snippet of the horrahedd classic

Horrahedd album 9 on radio

If you can get 3ddd radio in adelaide tune in at 9pm wednesday the 13th

to hear album number 9 played in its entirety. Infact if you can get

3ddd radio 93.7fm then listen to it all the time.

Original horrahedd guitarist sniffin around

Marco the Serb, original horrahedd Guitarist and namer of horrahedd, has been
sneaking into the horrastudios recently. Whats up? I dont know.  If
you want to hear Marcos influence then check out the album
dark and cheesy. He was the Dark one.

Horrahedd on vinyl

a horrahedd played keys and engineered a ramonettes song chewy chewy and 
now its released on vinyl. Hard to find very rare.
You must get it

Horrahedd on tv
George bush post peladian screened on rage the other day.
It came and it went. If you want to see it and you missed it then go to the ABC website and request it.
Also if you have a bionic TV and you live in Adelaide then you will be able to see Horrahedd being interviewed
 and watch them perform  Stabbie the clown live. I'll keep you posted when its to be on air.


Remember the very excellent album Jamming with werewolves on wheels.
Well nothing more than a rumour but you could be seeing horrahedd
playing it live while the movie is getting played on the big screen behind them.

Horrahedd gig in the Barossa

Horrahedd played a manic hour and a half gig in the barossa valley on the 11th
of Febuary . The  gig was in support of the Mazolla family reunion, an annual
event held in the Barossa since 2005. the horrahedd beast unleashed its three headed
version on the public where they performed songs such as, Dead minds open,
Human to Zombie mid conversation and I paid someone to poison me. Check out the up 
and coming radio show for a snippet of what went down


Right now a horrahedd is working on a radio show that will broadcasted on the horrahedd 
website. Lots of rare unreleased horrahedd, plus horrahedd  collaborations and
other folk who have frequented the horrastudios. .

Chewy chewy chewy

Coming soon to a record shop near you. Ramonettes meets Horrahedd on 
a greasy pop tribute album. Chewy chewy chewy chewy chewy.  

Horrahedd sighting 59

January the 5th saw Horrahedd performing a secret show at the rhino room in Adelaide
to help set some Barbie type atmosphere for Clara Tzara's plastic princess show.
Body bag Barbie and transexual barbie were swamped in the evil tones of the 
horrahedd outfit . An Audio barbie sung a couple of lines. that was very evil.

What ..... a show.?

. Horrahedds gearing up for a
huge show in the next few months featuring the Renegade oompa brass brothers,
the  over Fourteens Foulmouthed voice of dissent choir and a host of other musical nasties
all lending a hand to make live horrahedd bigger than Ben Hurs bigger brother.
The Horrahedd guts, Mr Glenn, Rattie and the Colonel are playing a little show
as a warm up at the Betheny Reseve, Just out side of Tanunda, on the 11th of Feb.
with fellow strange folk Mazolla
Horrahedd in psychedelic rock form.

Horrahedd sighting number 58

Recently a Horrahedd was seen at the Fad Bar in adelaide
Playing keyboards and singing a few of his favourite Tom waits songs
at the Heart attack and vine tom waits tribute night.  The place was packed
Adelaide likes its Tom Waits.

Number 9 Number 9 Number 9
number 9
Yes it is finished. Number nine, Number Nine, Number Nine
Album number nine is in the shops, Buy a copy online,
go to 'contact us'  and we will sort it.
Limited stocks are available so get in quick, Dont forget to
grab copies of all the other albums while your at it.
We do a special deal on our box set. WOW what a
shit load of self promotion..
 Check out  the Boys in studio action
the horrahedd

Horrahedd the watcher of all

Foulmouthed under 14's voice of dissent choir

The Foulmouthed under 14'S voice of dissent choir


Rattie the rat ratting on his bass
Colenel playing the drums
Colonel Cutter  about to make the fat beats

Mr Glenn
Mr Glenn fingering the wurlitzer

What! Horrahedd on TV?

Just a rumour at the moment, but due to the efforts of some folks who work
in the moving picture visual side of the art world, you might be seeing a "video clip" that
features the music of horrahedd. Hmmm, Music with image. How bizzare.
Why cant you fella's play live?

Now that album 9 is done the boys are working out some sets.
If you are a good detective you might find us at a secret show in adelaide
on January the 5th. Otherwise check up on this website
or the local streetpress  for our not secret show

Horrahedd sighting number 57
A certain horrahedd was seen  at  a Adelaide venue recently
singing a few songs for the very cool Ramonettes.
If you blinked too fuckin bad.
     Other horrahedd things

     The horra's have been busy moonlighting on
some other projects.   Checkout Ringo stalins Dead trilogy coming out soon
as well as some fine Hedd work on Ringos latest beast  "Bela Kiss"
Other artist who have felt the kiss of evil on their tracks are Daughty Gerkin water
and  Andrew Bunneys latest.  Some artist wish the horra name not be
attatched to them in anyway so fair enough I wont mention
names like  ******* and ****** **  **********    


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