MB/GPW Slave Battery Outlet Receptacle field kit

Part No. A-11792 (Willys)

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This rarely seen item was to provide an auxiliary current supply to allow starting the engine in cold weather. According to AAW Volume 1 p.191 it was part of the Winterisation field kit. The photographs, plate diagram and all details were graciously provided by Alasdair Brass (southernviking@xtra.co.nz) of Christchurch, New Zealand. (see his jeep pictures).

List of Parts

No. Used Part No. Part Name
1 A-11772 Slave Battery Outlet Receptacle
1 A-12135 Cable Assembly - Positive Battery
1 A-11787 Cable Assembly - Receptacle to Ground
1 A-11773 Reinforcement for Splash Apron
4 52170 Screw Hex Head 1/4"-20 Thd. x 1/2"
4 53199 Screw Hex Head 1/4"-20 Thd. x 1"
4 53178 Plain Washer 1/4"
8 53084 Lockwasher 1/4"
8 52217 Nut Hex Head 1/4"-20 Thread
No. Used Part No. Part Name
2 78932 5/8" Cable Clamp
1 52548 Screw No. 10-24 Thread x 5/16"
1 5168 Lockwasher No. 10
1 6352 Nut Hex Head No. 10-24 Thread
1 52600 Screw Hex Head 3/8"-16 thread x 1 3/8"
2 53026 Lockwasher - External and Internal 3/8"
1 A-11851 Installation Instructions

List of Tools
Electric drill 1 9/16" end wrench
9/32" drill 1 6" screw driver
Half round file 10" 1 Pair pliers
12" Measuring scale 1 3/8" end wrench
2 - 7/16" end wrench 1 Center punch
2 - 1/2" end wrench 1 Hammer

This kit provides the parts necessary to install an electric socket or receptacle on the apron under the right front fender. A suitable extension cord may then be used to carry an auxiliary current supply to aid in starting the engine in cold weather or for battery charging.

First lay out the correct position for the socket and reinforcement. See Fig. 1. Measure 1 31/32" forward from the rear edge of the fender skirt in two positions as shown in the illustration. Draw a line approximately 12" long from the lower edge of the fender apron upward through the two measured points and parallel to the rear edge of the fender skirt. Measure 11" up this line from the lower edge of the fender apron and center punch. This locates the center of the 1 11/16" hole for the socket. Place the center of the reinforcement for the splash apron, Part No. A-11773 over the center punch mark and align the rear edge with the rear edge of the splash apron. Use this part as a template and mark the nine holes to be drilled. Drill the eight holes used to attach the socket and reinforcement using a 9/32" drill. Use a 1 11/16" hole saw if available, otherwise drill a series of small holes with 9/32" drill and file the center hole to 1 11/16" diameter.

Mount the reinforcement Part No. A-11773 on the engine side of the apron with the flat edge away from the apron using four bolts 1/4-20 thd. x 1/2", Part No. 52170, through the four end holes with plain washer Part No. 53178 lockwasher Part No. 53084 and nut Part No. 52217. Place the plain washer next to the bolt head at the outside of the apron with the nuts and lockwashers toward the engine. Tighten the reinforcements firmly in place and check the large hole in the reinforcement and apron to make sure they register properly. If necessary file the splash apron th line up the two holes and eliminate any sharp edges.

Next attach the cables to the socket assembly Part No. A-11772. This is accomplished by first removing the inner assembly which is held in place by two screws, one on each side of the outershell. Remove the two contact sleeves from the inner assembly by loosening the two set screws. Insert the soldered end of the negative or shorter cable, Part No. A-11787 in the socket marked negative (-), replace the sleeve in the inner assembly and tighten the set screw. Insert the soldered end of the double or positive cable, Part No. A-12135 in the positive sleeve (+), and tighten the set screw. Be sure the cables are held firmly in the inner assembly after which install this assembly in the metal socket housing, locking it in position with the two screws.

Remove and discard for salvage the battery positive cable connecting the battery to the starter switch.

Thread the two cables through the 1 11/16" fender apron and reinforcement opening and mount the socket assembly in position. Fig. 1. (Note that the assembly is mounted in a reversed position with the lettering "twist to remove" at the top.) Mount the assembly firmly in position using four bolts 1/4-20 thd. x 1" Part No. 53199, four lockwashers Part No. 53084, and four nuts Part No. 52217. The nuts and lockwashers are installed toward the engine.

Remove and discard the right starting motor holding screw and lockwasher Fig. 5. The replacing screw, 3/8"-16 thd. x 1 3/8" Part No. 52600 is used to ground the negative cable. Install this screw placing an internal-external lockwasher Part No. 53026 over the screw on each side of the cable terminal to assure a good ground connection.

Connect the double terminal of the positive cable to the starter switch and the second wire of this set to the positive side of the battery.

Use two cable clamps, Part No. 78932, with screw No. 10-24 thd. x 5/16" Part No. 52548, nut Part No. 6352, and lockwasher Part No. 5168 to clamp the two cables at the front edge of toe board to frame bracket. The hole for the cable clamp screw was drilled at the factory.
This completes the assembly.

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