Some Ford-marked parts found on Ford GPWs

NOTE: This page has not been updated since early 2000. Ford body trim P/N I am trying to build a reasonably comprehensive list of those components marked with a capital script 'F', 'Ford', 'FORD', or 'GPW'. It seems (conjecture only) that when Ford had been assigned secondary jeep production they considered that there might be cases arising over parts quality with those produced by Willys. Henry Ford was extremely concerned about this and so ordered his jeep parts to be marked. These markings may be cast in, raised, stamped or printed.

Ford-marked packaging

The following pictures of Ford GPW parts both in their original boxes and tagged are thanks to Frank Berg (willies AT online DOT no):
PHOTO: Ford-marked packaging PHOTO: Ford-marked packaging PHOTO: Ford-marked packaging PHOTO: Ford-marked packaging PHOTO: Ford-marked packaging PHOTO: Ford-marked packaging

Variations of 'F' Markings

Not all 'F's are the same but are usually one of the following:
Where known, the list below identifies what shape might be seen on that part {script, block, angular-block, circle, circle-block, Ford, FORD, 'GPW'} Some GPW parts are not marked with an 'F' but just with 'GPW'. These were not necessarily of Ford manufacture, for example the starter motor was made by Auto-Lite but with 'GPW' cast into the housing.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. For a detailed photographic synopsis of Ford-marked parts see the excellent book JEEP Bantam Willys Ford: 1940-1945 which has a fully illustrated fifty page section on the subject. Amongst this they show a bolt with 'Ford' on the head, location of F markings on parts including gearbox gears, and Ford-marked packaging.
It can not be proven that all markings were always used on every GPW made. Later GPW's had fewer F-marked parts. Just because a GPW has lots of F's on it doesn't necessarily mean that that year of manufacture actually included that many marks! I would like to hear from anyone who can provide some authentic data on when various parts stopped including an F marking. I read a snippet recently in Wheels and Tracks #61 about a Japanese jeep owner who wrote a book about spending 10 years collecting as many 'F' bits as possible for his Late Production December 1944 GPW. I'm a bit dubious about whether this is really a perfectly accurate representation.

The document 'Judging Standard & Restoration Guide: 1/4 Ton 4x4 - Ford GPW 1942-1945' covers in excellent detail the correct items and points of interest of the GPW and can be ordered from the MVPA.

I have seen most but not all of the following list; I believe all the following to be authentic and not fraudulently marked by restorers.
If you can help me with some differences or markings not on this list (and I am sure there are more) or corrections then please email me. NEW: items marked with picture have pencil rubbings and photographs you may view. If you have the time and inclination, I'd be happy to accept more of these if you send them to me as small email attachments (less than 64k please or they get rejected by my mail server unfortunately).

Grateful thanks to contributing jeep fanatics Bill Kish (kish AT browncow DOT com) for some of the more exotic 'finds' in this list, and also to Alan at jeepgpw AT hotmail DOT com for a few others, including that elusive Circle F! The circled-block F and angular-block (Firestone) F were pointed out to me by Garry Buttel. Rick Edwards had the blackout guard F. Dennis O'Connor (doconnor AT sikorsky DOT com) dismantled GPW 3101 (Willys frame with GPW s/n) that was too rotted to save to reveal some new additions to the list. Some recent finds including the muffler clamp, fuel pump, spring clips and more were from Hank Snow (laneigepat AT aol DOT com). Frank Mooring (ratpat AT grits DOT net) came up with the splash shield F. Dan Johnson (drj AT tctc DOT com) found the hypoid gear marks and others. Jon Rogers (prints AT frasercoast DOT aunz DOT com) found the t/c breather, bearing retainer, transmission shift plate and transfer case output shaft marks, whilst his son Patrick (age 9) discovered the grease gun bracket F. Peter Fraser found the steering box chassis reinforcing and contact ring F's. Cris Calhoun (calhoun_cris AT tandem DOT com) found an F on the gearshift lever in his '44 MB (which bothers him :). Eric Arterberry (AArterberr AT aol DOT com) found a script "F" on the floor of the transmission hump (under the forward RH corner of the fuel tank) on the body of his 1942 GPW (SN 70778). Frank Berg (willies AT online DOt no) saw the spring shackle retainer, horn button and steering wheel F's. The rear crossmember F was found by Ren Bernier (rbernier AT bowdoin DOT edu) who also supplied many good markings pictures. He has just recently found the fabled windshield frame F!(see below for location; pictures on his site) The blackout headlight F's and the external handbrake band rivet marks were found by Mike at Hood47 AT aol DOT com on his 42 GPW. Chup Widmann (Chup1942 AT aol DOT com) saw the king pin marks and others on his 10/42 GPW. Richard Grace (richardgrace AT mindspring DOT com) saw the mark on the back of the fire extinguisher bracket. Armin Wolf (awgpw AT t-online DOT de) found the distributor arm, knuckle bushing, generator gasket F's, and mentions he has over 1600 photographs of F, GP, GPW, Ford items, many in original boxes!! Wow that would be something to see. A special thanks to Max Goodridge for allowing me to combine his list into this one. And, making us all ashamed for everyone overlooking the bleeding obvious, Mick O'Farrell (mick AT kira DOT team400 DOt ie) mentioned the dipstick! :) However, Tony Norton (tonynorton AT home DOT com) takes the prize: large script F's on both chassis rails! (see below). This was on his 2-2-45 GPW, s/n 250524. Just how could we miss these??!
Thanks all!

F Markings

Some differences between the Willys MB and Ford GPW

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