Military mounting brackets for the Hull M4 compass

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The Hull manufacturing company of Warren, Ohio USA made many compasses for the US military. The M4 compass was the standard Streamline model painted OD and with a different mounting that provided better shock absorbance. The fourth picture shows four such civilian compasses and their boxes, patiently waiting to be painted OD and used on jeeps. From left to right are: early brown fine-ridged; standard black fine-ridged; early brown thick-ridged; standard black thick-ridged. To the left is an assortment of civilian mounting brackets, whilst the one in front is a reproduction military mount (see Type 1 above). The thick-ridged models use a 5/16" ball and the other ones a straight 5/16" rod end.
The original civilian installation instructions are at right (NOTE: this is a large file, about 130kB).
The three types of military mountings for these compasses are shown here. See All-American Wonder Vol. 2 page 212 for more information, including a 1944 photograph of one fitted to the inner windscreen frame of a jeep. I am indebted to Ray Cowdery for help with the measurements for these brackets.. thanks Ray! I also have a few extra brackets of the leftmost type above that I have reproduced.

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