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The home of VK Contest Log (VKCL)

specialising in Australasian contests

but also covering some international ones too.



This site has been constructed by the author, Mike Subocz VK3AVV, to distribute primarily the VK Contest Log (VKCL), a contest logging program that may be of use to Amateur Radio operators who participate in various contests throughout the year, particularly those that are of interest mainly in Australasia. Although there are many logging programs already available, free or for nominal cost, few if any do an adequate job for contests that are of local interest only. However, as the author would prefer to use the same logging program for all contests that he is interested in, VKCL also caters for major international contests such as Oceania DX, ARRL, CQWW, etc.


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Site last updated on 7/ 7/2012



7th July 2012

Site closure.

Go to the new web site. Ver 3.5 has been released, particularly for the second day of the VK/trans Tasman contest, and the Remembrance Day contest.


If you are interested in international contests, you may be interested in HF beacon monitoring.
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