Pendragon Dreaming

Pendragon Dreaming is a Welsh-language folk group based in Melbourne, Australia.

Pendragon (meaning head or chief dragon) is the name given to the Welsh kings of old and in particular to Arthur Pendragon; greatest King of the Ancient Celtic Britons. 

The use of `Dreaming' in the group's name is an acknowledgement of the Australian connection with the inclusion of the didgeridoo. 

Harp, flute, violin, acoustic guitar and bass guitar complete the line-up and the group play traditional Welsh songs and tunes as well as some more modern pieces.

The result is a base of traditional Welsh melodies and singing styles as well as an infusion of contemporary sounds and rhythms.

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Pendragon dreaming last performance was at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Saturday the 28th of February 2015 with Cantorion Cymreig /Victoria Welsh Choir at the choir's St David's Day Concert.


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