Welsh Language Practice
My first close encounter with a local was in the Market. Cardiff has a rather grand indoor market, though it is need of a bit of refurbisment, it has a lofty, glass ceiling with a balcony running around the entire hall with small shops selling old books, animals (pets) and other similarly unrelated items. The downstair floor is a grid of stands in the original fine ornate timbers selling tourist paraphanalia, delicatesant goods, meats, and there is a large fresh fish stall at the entrance to the Hayes precinct at the east end.
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Castle Arcade
I purchased my souvenir and went in search of a book; Gwynfor Evans' history of Wales; `Land of My Fathers'. There are many good speciality bookshops in the Cardiff arcades, so this is where I headed next. Unfortunately the book was not available and neither were any Welsh speakers so I decided to head along Queen St. I had an idea in mind.