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I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and go to Plaid Cymru's headquarters in Cardiff. Having been a member of plaid Cymru for some years I thought I would introduce myself and also see if they had one of Gwynfor Evan's books for sale.

It took me some time to find the place, even though I knew it was close to where Cardiff Uni had it's student union when I was a student of University Wales Institute. The problem was that in the large number of years that I have been away Cardiff has changed considerably. I decided to make a quick visit to the National Museum for an hour as it was close to lunch-time and then find Plaid after lunch.
The Beginning in Wales - 50,000 BC

Welsh National Museum
Amgueddfa Cenedlaethol Cymraeg
After having looked at some of the art and archeological exhibits, I enquired at the desk where the street was that Plaid was located in. A map was found and soon I was heading in the right direction.
I had a great welcome from Dafydd, Non, Nerys and Anna in the office and was shown around and given lots of information and some small gifts for the members back in Melbourne. I was also promised political information for the Melbourne Plaid Cymru website from them (See the Political web page to be directed to the Plaid website). Of course the UK is going through great changes in administration and Wales is facing the reality of forming their own National Parliament and becoming a nation of Europe in its own right.

Unfortunately they didn't have Gwynfor Evan's book available so I headed off to track down one of the larger bookshops that might stock Welsh books.
Yours truly, and Plaid Officers; Non Rhys, Dafydd Tristan, Nerys Hughes and Anna Haf-Mihangel outside the Plaid office in Cardiff