Welsh Language Success
I headed to Queens St to where I had visited Oriel Bookshop in the past and bought WElsh books. Unfortunately it was no more! I foumnd out that it had now become TSO bookshop and had moved to St Mary St.

Here I had mixed luck for the book was out of stock but I found two Welsh speakersTalys and Penny working in the shop!!
Mae Penny a Talys tu mewn TSO yn Heol St Mary

Penny and Talys outside TSO in St Marys St
Bouyed by my success I made one last attempt at finding the book and was directed to one of the big bookstores by the Hayes.

Success at last!! Doubly so for, not only did they have my book but, I also met a fantastic Welsh-speaking woman by the name of Sioned working there. Sioned is a fiercely proud Welsh woman and a lover of all things Welsh. If you look at the photo below, the badge she is wearing says `RWYN SIARAD YN CYMRAEG' (I speak in Welsh) something I hadn't spotted. What a boon for learners though if everyone who spoke Welsh had to wear one!
After some conversation she told me of an anniversary celebration at `Y Mochyn Du' (The Black or Dirty Pig) which is the foremost Welsh language supporting pub in Cardiff. It was the anniversary of the tavern's opening so it would be full of Welsh speakers as well as live folk music. Haleliwia!!

I managed to get over that night with some of my Cardiff friends and met up with Sioned. I found out that she had even been out to Patagonia to the Welsh speaking areas the year before. All in all it was a great end to a fascinating day and I enjoyed the festive atmosphere amidst the sound of the musical Welsh language.
Mae Sioned Haf yn y siop llyfr Sioned Haf at the bookstore
Y Mochyn Du The Dirty Pig