Welsh Language Practice
Having only limited time I wasn't able to get into the main pavilion to see any of the competitions, Instead I just bought a ticket to the main field and wandered around the various tents and exhibitions.

After a while I decided to practice my learner's Welsh and as I couldn't find the learners tent I headed for the Welsh Language Board stand.

I introduced myself to Rhiannon Glyn who was one of the enthusiastic helpers on the stall. She was delightfully helpful and gave us a cup of coffee each and patiently responded to me as I practiced my halting language skills.
Dyma fi tu allan y stond Bwrdd Yr Iaith Gymraeg

Yours truly outside the Welsh Language Board stand
Rhiannon (ar y chwith) gyda cynorthewywr cydymaith Emma Willis

Rhiannon (on the left) with fellow helper Emma Willis
Rhiannon is a native of Cardiff and like many people who participate in the Eisteddfod come up to stay for the week during the Eisteddfod. There are camping facilities and many exhibitors, as well as the public, stay in caravans alongside the maes. Others like Rhiannon stay with friends and relatives.