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No Welshman worth his salt would leave the Eisteddfod without at least getting involved with some kind of musical endeavour.

As soon as I saw the sign for harps I made a beeline for it and was given a quick lesson in using the traditional instrument (plus more language practice of course).

The one I (look like I) am playing is a beautifully carved example with a price tag of - wait for it - $70,000 - maybe I'll get one next year!
Canu'r telyn gyda Jo o Bencerdd
Playing the harp with Jo of Pencerdd Harps
Just along the lane was the dance hall so we stopped in to see some clog dancing. The clogs were kind of cute and very unlike what I had been led to expect clogs to be like.

I guess these were the original dancing shoe that Irish dancers had used beore they changd them into the tap shoes they now use (?) .
Clog dancers in the Dance Hall
Dawnsiwrae clocsen yn y Neuadd Ddawns