Not all fun though! Very serious and very passionate about the language
At the Eisteddfod, at one of the stalls veteran language campaigner; Mr Ffred Ffrancis, started a hunger strike and intended to confront First Minister and Labour MP Morgan regarding Rhodri's past promises. In 1993, Rhodri dismissed the Tories' Welsh Language Bill as inadequate and promised a future Labour Government would revisit the matter. Labour has not. The Labour Party stand was just three units from Mr Ffrancis' stand.
Mr Morgan's visit to the Maes coincides with the publication of the Welsh Language Board's new draft strategy, which is expected to propose stronger rights for Welsh speakers.

Mr Ffrancis claims the fuure of Welsh as a living community language is in crisis. At the moment we still have communities where Welsh is the norm but by present trends there won't be any left by 2020. Welsh will not have died but Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Gwynedd and Anglesey will be like Glamorgan.
Cefnogwyr angerddol o'r Iaith Cymraeg sialensio Rhodri Morgan am y Deddf Iaith Newydd

Passionate Welsh Language supporters challenge MP Rhodri Morgan about the New Language Bill
Mr Ffrancis maintains that you can have bilingualism, but it is inevitable that one language is the norm. In Glamorgan that is English, even though you can ask to be served by the public service in Welsh and can send your childrent to a Welsh-medium school.
Mr Ffrancis said the National Assembly should be given the right to pass a new Language Act which would ensure all public administration in Wales was switched to Welsh, so people would have to opt to be served in English as opposed to vice versa.