In Australia, as elsewhere in the World, there are many Welsh people or people of Welsh descent. This website is intended as a fun place where people can explore what it means to be Welsh.

For various reasons there are a lot of misconceptions about Wales and the Welsh. For instance; the notions that Wales is a part of England or Welsh is a dialect of English - both these ideas couldn't be further from the truth!

Long before the Romans invaded the Western Isles of Europe, even longer before the Angles and Saxons came, and much, much longer before the Normans invaded, there lived the Ancient Britons, the language and bloodline of whom still lives on in:



Look inside these pages to find out more of this fascinating and miraculously enduring story.

Due to time constraints I rarely update these pages. I  leave them as they might be of use as described above.

Welsh people or Welsh Societies in Australia are invited to contact us at:



I hope you enjoy it - Pedr Bonnell


This web site is dedicated to the perpetuation and strengthening of the culture and language of Wales and the celebration of the Welsh people’s rich, but often unseen, contribution to life wherever they are.





The Welsh community in Melbourne particularly the Welsh learners, the Plaid Cymru members and the Pendragon Dreaming members

I'd like to make mention of a former Welsh Australian, way before the advent of the internet - click here to see

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