Episode List 1995

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Note: unless specified, "Sniffin' the Glove" & "Waste of Time" are on the show every week.

Season 2, 1995

Episode 1: 27 July 1995
Guest Band: Pray TV
Guest Comedian: Colin Cole
Young Film Review: FIRST KNIGHT
Science segment: Dr Andi (Light bulb & fluorescent tube science)
Pearso's Probe
Episode 2: 3 August 1995
Guest Band: Feverdream
Guest Comedian: Crazy E
Young Film Review: SPECIES
Kealy's Kitchen (ANZAC cookies)
Game On
Episode 3: 10 August 1995
Guest Band: The Family
Guest Comedian: Richard Heath
Young Film Review: HIDEAWAY
Science segment: Dr Andi (turntable science)
Waste of Time "guest" host: Carlos Raven
Pearson's News
Episode 4: 17 August 1995
Guest Band: Rob Clarkson and Actual Size
Guest Comedian: Dave Grant
Sniffin' the glove guest host: Claire Hedger
Kealy's Kitchen (nantos diet)
Game On
Episode 5: 24 August 1995
Guest Band: T-Bones
Guest Comedian: Brad Oaks
Young Film Review: JUDGE DREDD
Pearson's News
Episode 6: 31 August 1995
Guest Band: Rob Craw's Acoustic Dilemma
Guest Comedian: Chris Bennett
Young Film Review: APOLLO 13
Kealy's Kitchen
    (the Kitchen showbags, including
    Carlos' healthy binge-eating bag
    Kealy's unhealthy binge-eating bag
    the starve bag
    the drug bag; and
    the Cluedo suicide bag)
Game On
Episode 7: 7 September 1995
Guest Band: Rail
Guest Comedian: Janet A. Mclead
Young Film Review: WATERWORLD
Science segment: Wayne's Head (air pressure - Bernoulli's effect)
Episode 8: 14 September 1995
Guest Band: Slurper
Guest Comedians: "Miss Itchy" - Linda Haggar, Fahey Younger & Tim Harris
Young Film Review: CLUELESS
Waste of Time guest: Amazo the Amazing
Kealy's Kitchen with Rastas & Carlos Raven (Liquorice custard pie)
Game On
Episode 9: 21 September 1995
Host: Carlos Raven
Guest Band: Swooning
Guest Comedian: Steve Jackson
Young Film Review: NINE MONTHS
Waste of Time guest: Andrew Goodwyn
Science segment: Dr Andi & Wayne's Head (Explosive season finale)
Pearson's News

Season 3, 1995

Episode 1: 26 October 1995
Guest Band: Point Stripper
Guest Comedian: Nick Haines
Young Film Review: SHOWGIRLS
Kealy's Kitchen (Cooking Watch - review & awards of TV cooking shows)
Game On
Episode 2: 2 November 1995
Guest Band: Peachfuzz
Guest Comedian: Marty Sheargold
Science segment: Wayne's Head (angular momentum - physics of spinning)
Pearson's News
Episode 3: 9 November 1995
Guest Band: The F**k F**ks
Guest Comedian: Paul Calleja
Young Film Review: JOHNNY MNEMONIC
Kealy's Kitchen
Game On
Episode 4: 16 November 1995
Guest Band: She-Freak
Guest Comedian: Matt Corcoran
Young Film Review: SEVEN
Science segment: Dr Andi (human body science - carving up Carlos Raven)
Pearson's News
Episode 5: 23 November 1995
Guest Band: The Breadmakers
Guest Comedian: Dave O'Niell
Young Film Review: DESPERADO
Raving Waste of Time
Kealy's Kitchen (spicy gingerbread)
Game On
Episode 6: 30 November 1995
Guest Band: Rubher
Guest Comedian: Michael Laurie
Young Film Review: TOY STORY
Waste of Time guest: Bernie Carr
Science segment: Dr Andi (Whale excursion)
Episode 7: 7 December 1995
Guest Band: Hub
Guest Comedian: Bruno Lucia
Waste of Time guest: Bruno Lucia
Carlos Raven's top 10 TV shows
"Sensitive New Age Guys"
Episode 8: 14 December 1995
Guest Band: Shreen
Guest Comedian: Tim Harris
Young Film Review: GOLDENEYE
Kealy's Kitchen (Tea)
Episode 9 (Final): 21 December 1995
Guest Band: Hard Candy
Guest Comedian: Peter Jago
Young Film Review: BABE
Waste of Time guest: Bronwyn the studio audience
Science segment: Dr Andi & Wayne's Head
  • (alcohol's effect on human - test subject: Rastas;
  • (glass-breaking soundwave)
Game On