31 MAY 2005 Child rights crusader faces lawsuit - "A SECRETIVE international society linked to the occult is using Victoria's religious tolerance laws to sue a Melbourne anti-child abuse activist." [CSAPP] Read More

03 MARCH 2005 "Bracks leaps to defence of watchdog - The calls followed comments by one of the Office of Police Integrity's senior investigators, that were revealed in The Age. The investigator described the new body as "something that looks more like a crime commission" but which lacked the power to investigate police corruption and organised crime.".. Read More

02 MARCH 2005 "New doubts on police corruption watchdog - When asked whether the new body could investigate organised crime and police protection of organised crime, the investigator replied: "No, it can't."".. Read More

11 FEBUARY 2005 "Police bungled woman's sex assault claim - Mr Overland admitted that while most police were not reluctant to investigate famous people, he could not discount the possibility that some officers "wouldn't be intimidated or wouldn't have other reasons for perhaps not pursuing allegations against high-profile people as vigorously as they might".. Read More

25 JANUARY 2005 "POLICE will apply to the Office of Public Prosecutions to charge a former Mornington childcare centre operator over the naming of alleged sex abuse victims on a website ... A Department of Human Services inquiry later found that Mr and Mrs Shulver had ‘‘permitted the abuse to occur or were involved in that abuse’’. Read More

16 NOVEMBER 2004 "Victorian ombudsman launches inquiry into botched sex abuse cases - Director of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, Dr Reina Michaelson, says the complaints which sparked the probe were horrifying." Read More

16 NOVEMBER 2004 "A sudden decision by Victoria Police to drop a rape investigation involving a prominent television industry figure is likely to be examined as part of a special inquiry by the state Ombudsman ..." Read More

30 SEPTEMBER 2004 "Police & teachers charged in child porn bust. One-hundred-and-fifty people, including police officers and teachers, have been arrested in what the Federal Police (AFP) describe as Australia's biggest Internet child pornography bust." Read More

16 SEPTEMBER 2004 "Police 'bungling' child abuse case - Parents of children at the centre of a bungled sexual abuse investigation say they are worried it is being mishandled by police for the second time. The investigation into the alleged abuse of up to 19 young children at a Mornington child-care centre in 1992 was one of four cases reopened in July after the Ombudsman found they had been mishandled by Victoria Police." Read More

30 AUGUST 2004 "Police still under scrutiny on abuse cases -- "Two senior members of Victoria Police's sexual crimes squad remain under internal investigation following a damning Ombudsman's inquiry that criticised their handling of child sex abuse complaints.But force command has shelved plans to immediately transfer the pair because of the threat of industrial problems." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

13 JULY 2004 "Police reopen case - Fresh probe into sex abuse claims -- by Matt Doran from the Morinton Peninsula Leader." Read More Page 1 - Page 5

10 JULY 2004 "Ignoring a plea for help -- "There is this guy in (name of town) and he rapes girls and he had tried to do it to my best friend but I haven't been there (to his house) and I'm never going there." That note, printed in a childish scrawl and handed to child-abuse counsellors running a school workshop in December 1999, triggered a sequence of disturbing events that would eventually reveal how Victoria Police failed the children of a small Victorian town." Read More [External Link Opens In NewWindow]

09 JULY 2004 "MPs and police 'in child sex network' -- Reina Michaelson, head of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, and Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston said victims had told them of an organised child pornography and prostitution network with links to former MPs and senior police officers.
" Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

09 JULY 2004 "Politicians, cops 'in child sex ring'
-- "A SOPHISTICATED pedophile network involving former politicians and police has been operating in Victoria since the 70s, anti-child-abuse campaigners claimed yesterday." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

09 JULY 2004 "Claims police mishandled child sex abuse cases -- This week Victoria Police suffered another blow to its reputation. This time over claims, supported by the Ombudsman, that the Sexual Crimes Squad mishandled some investigations into child sexual abuse. Making the initial complaint, and now more allegations about an organised paedaphile ring operating in Victoria, is Dr Reina Michaelson, from the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. She came into the studio on Friday after a meeting with the Police Commissioner Christine Nixon and Assistant Commissioner Simon Overland." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

09 JULY 2004 "Sex victims would talk, say groups -- Sex abuse victims are prepared to testify to a royal commission about Victorian police involvement in organised pedophilia and child pornography, child abuse groups said yesterday.Victims also alleged that at least one former senior politician had been involved in a pedophile ring. " Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

08 JULY 2004 "Vic: Abuse cover-up not being investigated by police; advocates Abuse - Dr Reina Michaelson of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAPP) and Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston, told reporters in Melbourne they had given authorities the names of eight victims and witnesses. A former Victorian Labor Minister, a veteran television celebrity and a prominent television producer were among the perpetrators allegedly involved in the network, she said.
" Read More

08 JULY 2004 "Cops, politicians in 'abuse ring'
By Karen Hart -- Ms (Hetty) Johnston today challenged Victorian Premier Steve Bracks to table the document in the State Parliament after the ombudsman announced it would be kept confidential."I am incredibly disappointed that this is not going to be a public document," she said."I challenge your Premier to do what (Premier) Peter Beattie did in Queensland when he tabled the Anglican Church report which was the final death knell I suppose for the Governor-General, to table this report."To have the guts and the courage to let the public know what's going on inside its police force." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

08 JULY 2004 Call for royal commission into paedophile claims -- "Dr Reina Michaelson from the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, claims victims have provided evidence that police have covered up, participated in and gained financially from child pornography and prostitution." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

08 JULY 2004 "Police 'failed' on child sex abuse cases -- Victoria Police will reopen four child sex abuse investigations and overhaul its sexual crimes squad after a damning Victorian Ombudsman inquiry identified serious shortcomings in the way cases had been handled." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

08 JULY 2004 "Inquiry finds fault with sex crime squad -- A review of the handling of child sexual abuse has raised questions about the ability of some officers assigned to these crimes ... The investigation began after child psychologist and sexual abuse victim advocate Dr Reina Michaelson went to Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon to complain about the way a number of cases had been handled." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

08 JULY 2004 "Police and ex-MPs accused of child sex -- A HIGHLY organised pedophile ring involving police and former politicians had been operating in Victoria since the 1970s, anti-child abuse groups claimed today.Dr Reina Michaelson of The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program and Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston today said they had been told by child sex abuse victims that former Victorian elected politicians and police members were involved in child pornography and prostitution." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

MAY 18 2004 "A BRISBANE law firm is considering a class action over the publication of material identifying suspected child sexual abuse victims on a website.The website, which contained police statements with names, addresses and birth dates of children involved in alleged sexual abuse at a Mornington childcare centre in the early 1990s, was shut down ..." Read More

MAY 11 2004 ""A WEBSITE containing police statements with names and addresses of the alleged victims of child sex abuse in Mornington has been shut down after action by Victorian Privacy Commissioner Paul Chadwick." Front Page -- Page 08

04 MAY 2004 "A PSYCHOLOGIST is demanding a Royal Commission over the police investigation of a child sex abuse scandal that rocked Mornington in the early 1990s. Dr Reina Michaelson also wants the Royal Commission to examine possible police involvement in an organised pedophile ring." 3 PAGE SPREAD !!! Front Page -- Page 08 -- Page 09

19 APRIL 2004 "Police files on a suspect in claimed sexual abuse by men dressed as police are said to have "disappeared" Read More

08 APRIL 2004 - Vic: Abuse cover-up not being investigated by police Read More


08 APRIL 2004 "Breaking the silence" - Letter To The Editor from One Of Our CSAPP Supporters In QLD Read More

06 APRIL 2004 "The Department of Human Services refused to mount its own investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of schoolchildren in a Victorian country town after details were provided through the mandatory reporting system." Read More

05 APRIL 2004 "Child sex allegations levelled at Vic police
There have been allegations that Victorian police are hampering investigations into an organised paedophile and child sex pornography network.
Read More

05 APRIL 2004 "Police are investigating two matters involving psychologist Reina Michaelson. As well as the break-in report, they are looking into an alleged threat made by a TV network executive against one of Dr Michaelson's relatives in August 2000". Read More

05 APRIL 2004 Part 1 Melbourne newspaper 'THE AGE' picked up the expose' on the Victorian high profile pedophile ring CSAPP and Queenslands Brave Hearts have been trying to get investigated Read More