04 JULY 2005 Cult survivor escapes jail sentence: "In the 1970s and '80s, The Family's leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, adopted 14 children, including [Sarah] Moore...subjecting them to a regimen of isolation, indoctrination and extreme discipline.." Read More

'QUEENSLAND BASED' HETTY JOHNSTON'S CALL FOR A ROYAL COMMISION "Only the powers of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Criminal Sexual Assault of Children in Australia has the capacity to deliver clear and lasting benefits in the area of child protection. Any less would simply represent a tinkering at the edges of what is becoming an increasingly alarming crisis for all children in this nation." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

www.ritualabusetorture.org "A letter we wrote to the Canadian Government about ritual abuse-torture on our website. It includes the written signed statements from 15 ritual abuse-torture survivors." Read More

QLD Crime And Misconduct Commission: "Allegations of Misconduct in the Investigation of Paedophilia in Queensland: Kimmins Report, Inquiry into" Learn More [External Link Opens In New Window]