12 JULY 2005 SA probes child abuse: "Well, more and more shameful stories of crimes against children are coming to light now through a number of national and state inquiries." Click Here to Read The Full ABC Article

23 JUNE 2005 Victoria's vilification act easy to abuse: Carr - Nsw Labor Premier Bob Carr has condemned the Bracks Government's religious vilification laws as regrettable and "highly counterproductive." Read More

06 JUNE 2005 Lions Club leader faces child porn charges - "Australian Federal Police raided the federal government's AusAID offices and the home of Ian Fowler as part of a child porn check on the prominent Canberra bureaucrat." Read More

05 APRIL 2005 WALK OF SHAME By State Political Reporter GREG KELTON - SPEAKER Peter Lewis beat the Government to the punch and resigned before he could be dumped from office yesterday through an unprecedented no-confidence motion. Read More

04 APRIL 2005 The Advertiser - "SOUTH Australia's parliamentary speaker Peter Lewis said today he would resign. Mr Lewis told Parliament he would go to the Governor's office this afternoon and tender his resignation after being embroiled in a month-long controversy after making claims of a pedophile MP in state parliament." .. Read More

10 MARCH 2005 Criminal past of star witness"THE man at the centre of allegations a serving politician was involved in homosexual activities at Veale Gardens in Adelaide's south parklands is a convicted pedophile." .. Read More

[UPDATE FROM BELOW 02 MARCH ARTICAL] 08 MARCH 2005 "Video helps reopen pedophile case against MP." .. Read More

02 MARCH 2005 "Murder victims tell Speaker of paedophile MP - The Speaker of the South Australian Parliament, Peter Lewis, says two gay men murdered in Adelaide recently told him that a serving elected politician was involved in paedophile activities in Adelaide's South Parklands.".. Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

07 JUNE 2004 "Ex-ALP official pleads not guilty to child prostitution. A former Labor Party official accused of employing underaged girls at a Port Kembla brothel has pleaded not guilty to more than 30 child prostitution charges. The alleged offences related to sex work performed by two girls, aged 13 and 14, at a brothel which he allegedly part-owned. The 64-year-old was once the president of the Albion Park branch of the ALP." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

01 MAY 2004 "A former Victorian deputy police commissioner and Queensland chief commissioner has called for an independent inquiry into Victoria Police's internal investigations and complaints system to overcome corrupt and illegal behaviour within the force." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

29 APRIL 2004 "A VICTORIAN policeman was yesterday charged with serious sex offences
involving a child.
The senior constable was charged on summons by officers from the Victoria Police ethical standards department and suspended without pay." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]

19 APRIL 2004 "The Victorian police force is facing an allegation that it has a culture of systemic corruption. This is the most serious allegation that any police force can possibly face." Read More [External Link Opens In New Window]