Current Work

MISG Website

This project is the final project for my Diploma IT Multimedia at TAFE-Swinburne University. I did it in a group with my other two friends.

The client for this project is our teacher Graham Bridge who has an idea to make a website that contains information/guides for international students who study or will study in Melbourne. We agreed at this idea because there are not many websites that cater all international students who study in Melbourne. We chose the ‘company’ is called MISG which is short for Melbourne International Student Guide.

I made two designs for the website and we chose one that really suitable for the international students who are in the young age group. I did the database design, and most part of the coding which were in XHTML 1.0 for website layout, CSS 2.0 to make it beautiful, PHP 5.0 for server language and MYSQL 5.0 to store all the information for the website.

image: example of the misg website. click here to visit the website