1997 Christmas Special

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all they don't know what's Christmas cos they're Muslims"

- Rastas's season's greeting at the end of the show

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Under Melbourne Tonight 1997 Christmas Special

a.k.a.: UMT Out of the studio and into the pub
a.k.a.: UMT's 1997 Season Finale
a.k.a.: possibly the final episode of UMT ever (now proved to be a gimmick)
Shot on: 14 December 1997
Shot at: The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzory, Melbourne
Broadcast Date: 17 December 1997
Length: app. 110 mins

Guest Bands: Preshrunk, Star Seven
Guest Comedians: Christine Basil, Bob Franklin, Dave O'Neil

Science segment:
    Dr Andi's favourite science tricks
    Body & Mind: grotesque upside-down face
    Manacles: business-card-through-the-head trick (Stephen still hadn't got it!...)
    Organic Lava Lamp
    Balloon Torture trick
    Teabag Rocket (Dr Andi's first & the last science trick on UMT)
The Chez Lounge: Film Critics
    (Fee & Mel's Chez Lounge Film Awards to the movies they've seen on UMT in 1997)
Just Dandy
    (Christmas celebration - Aussie style)
Kealy interviews punters
Game On
Nitty Gritty
    (launch of Corrine & Jen's down-to-earth Aussie Christmas carols album "And Jesus Wept")
Sniffin' The Glove
Waste of Time

Also featuring:
Rove McManus from The Loft
Earnest & Kenneth Vankrakinfart's Bloopers & Outtakes from Cult Suicide Video's

UMT 1997 Xmas Special poster


stephen hall
dr. andi
fee banford-bracher
mel northrope
andrew young
kealy smith
duncan mackew
jenny connolly
corinne grant
tony biggs
andrea ho

christine basil
bob franklin
rove mcmanus
star seven
dave o'neil
peter hellier

marc morel
sam streeter
tim wood

band/front of house audio
claire hedger
jason bond
matthew taylor

tim wood
jason bond
garth hardiman

camera assistants
clodagh monaghan
vincent fok

lighting director
colin hart

elyssa kowalinski
sam streeter
kevin farelly
tim wood

floor manager
michael pruscino

stage manager
kylie slattery

videotape operator
jason elliott

vision switcher
kathy charles

director's assistant
jacob marshall

computer animations
ben tiefholz

dan flett
jacob marshall

segment producers
andrew young
jason elliott

thanks to
the evelyn hotel
premier lighting
mushroom records
bambra press
james young
cloc theatre company

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Warehouse Sound System Pty Ltd

dan flett

vincent hedger
jill harris
dan flett

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