Added sitemap.xml generation to the C program that generates this site. Added the steam section to games.


  Forums removed due to abuse.


  Migrated pages to XHTML 1.0 Forums added. Webstats working now (over 150 unique visitors a month now).

  Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict


  CSS CSS and more CSS. The site has now been purged of all frames. Tables are just to tabulate data. And the C program I wrote to generate the menus now also embeds page specific CSS into the page. Also I have added more content i.e. windows programs and just generally scrubbed the site. Enjoy!

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01/11/2006 is now hosting Wideopen.Biz. Check them out.


  iSage has failed me completely! http://Wideopen.Biz is now roaming the web in search of more reliable webspace. Due to free web space killing my old iframe menu system I have totally reworked my entire site. My menus are now created by a C program that I wrote for the task, it generates 100 percent html/css so not a scrap of Java or server code anywhere here, hope you like it.


  Wideopen.Biz is now hosted at Once again only bookmark the Wideopen.Biz link as it will always be valid.


max_ooze  Ian Burkard kindly allows the use of his artwork for the Max Ooze picture. Visit him at for other artwork and his short movie "White Fox".


  Downloads section added. Contains some bash scripts, with some windows programs to come.


  Wideopen.Biz is now compliant with the CSS and HTML 4.01 specifications laid out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

  Valid CSS!  Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional


  Web hosting of Wideopen.Biz has moved to This web space does not allow name hosting so remember to only bookmark the link http://Wideopen.Biz until such time as I find authoritative web space. Any links to are likely to change.