Discworld MUD aliases

Some of the aliases I use:


  First an alias to only take valuable coins and items from corpses, mostly to save me walking around with 20 pounds of pence and palming cheap jewellery.

alias lootvaluables get dollars & ten-pences & half-dollars & ten-dollars & talona & tooni & talents & livres & forins & tuppences & thruppences & sixpences & shillings & crowns & tencrowns & quarter-rhinus & half-rhinus & rhinus & ten-rhinus & drachmas & staters & decadrachmas & minas & gold jewellery & silver jewellery & glasses & symbols & amulets & relics & books & pipes & torches & grey ash from corpses

  Then I store the jewellery in my robe, fully loaded it usually sells for around A$20. Quite handy to have some jewellery to sell when you are out of town too.

alias lootstore put jewellery except worn jewellery in robe

  As a wizard I use a lot of body parts, human body parts are the preference so this one buries corpses I have no necromantic interest in.

alias lootfinish bury troll corpses & dwarf corpses & dog corpses & cat corpses & cockroach corpses & rat corpses;look corpses

  Finally one to tie it all together (I bind this one to a macro, single keypress looting).

alias loot lootvaluables;lootstore;lootfinish

  The big advantage of having this server side is that it is very quick. You also might consider making a gag trigger for the "cannot find" messages, they can be quite spammy.


  How to read everything in a room at once.

alias readall read signs & handbills & notes & pictograms & plaques & maps & letters & youths & notices & numberplates & papers & blackboards & posters & writings & menus

Useful Alias Keywords

  Some useful keywords I use to "generalize" my aliases a bit.

My Current Aliases

  If you wish to browse my current aliases you can look at this: aliases.v3.rar (4kb). Plenty of working examples including the "arg" and "ifarg" statements.