Discworld MUD

discworld Welcome to the top ranked cmud/zmud map on the disc. Head to the map page to get it. Also big thank you to everyone who has voted for the site, grouped with me so I can map dangerous areas, sent me map updates and corrections and just all of the really great feedback.

Better Font

  If you want your lookmaps to look right you are restricted to the few monospaced fonts that ship with windows. I think they all look terrible with cmud. I highly recommend this one from Eistee. Local mirror: ASCII.rar.

  To install the font:

  1. Extract the truetype font file "ASCII.ttf" from the archive
  2. Copy it to your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory.
  3. Open Preferences/Fonts in cmud
  4. Select the ASCII font for the output window
  5. type "chenc" while logged in to the disc (option 3, an ISO-8859-1 encoding)


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Feel free to contact me with any problems with the site or installing, or just to say hello.

By Dark Oozenthor of Mrs. Widgery's Lodgers.