Starcraft Ash World map

Ash world map

 This map was designed for 1-2 humans Vs 4 computer players.

 The human start positons are at "red" and "blue" at the bottom of the map. Close at hand are the "teal" Protoss and the "purple" Terran bases to rescue, so intelligent selection of your start species should allow you to collect all 3, allowing you the full 600 units under your control.

 Ultimatly the goal of this map is to wipe out all 4 computer players

 I like this map as it always generates plenty of foes, but usually will end in a victory.

Recommended players: 1 or 2 allies

Game type: Use Map Settings

Playing time:

1 human: 2-3 hours

2 humans: 1-2 hours

Download ash.scm