Starcraft Graveyard map

Graveyard map

 I made this map because I wanted to make the smallest one possible. It's size is only 64x64.

 It is a great map if you want to get up close and personal with your starcraft, there is just nowhere to run.

 This map has 8 slots avalible to give the players the full choice of colours for their team. I only recommend 2 players because the map is so small, but if you had a novice player it would work ok for 3, ie novice and medium player Vs 1 advanced player

 There is no triggers on this map as I felt that "The Graveyard" should be exactly fair in all respects

Recommended players: 2 players (1 Vs 1)

Game type: Melee

Playing time:

2 minutes - 1 hour

Download graveyard.scm