Startopian War

  Generals are assistants of the nation. When their assistance is complete, the country is strong. When their assistance is defective, the country is weak.

Sun Tzu - The Art of War

  War,    hoougggh,    yeah,    what is it good for,    absolutely nothing,    ooooohhhhaaAAAaaarrrrr....    War,    hoougggh,    yeah,    what is it good for,    absolutely nothing,    say it again,    Arrrrrrrggggggghhhh....

Bruce Springstein

I wrote this guide as lot of people are having a hard time building an army and directing it to victory. Startopia has a unique way of fighting and gaining territory. So lets get into it. First I will show you how to quickly build a station and then how to drop the hammer.


  1. Sub Deck
  2. Mid Deck
  3. Power
  4. Candidates
  5. Hire
  6. Friend
  7. Foe
  8. Breach
  9. Assault
  10. Takeover
  11. Victory
  12. Heal
  13. Packup
  14. Grey
  15. Victory (final)
  16. Next


Sub Deck

  To start with I won't open a new section unless I absolutely have to. Here is how I start most missions. It is only one section wide and has everything I need in the short to medium term. Also in non factory critical missions a recycler will fit where the factory is as an alternative. If you place the factory just so you can get it to spit crates out right next to the cargo hold, easy work for the scuzzers.


Mid Deck

  Much the same as the sub deck, you can fit a lot here. Always build a recreational bar as early as you can, it is a great earner for not much outlay. The configuration seen here seems to work really well and it is always packed (until you put in an oroflex). Rough bars don't attract as many species and in five years of playing Startopia I have seen about 3 peeps actually have a drink in a cocktail bar.

  Get the love nest in early too as it is essential to your peeps.




  A technique I use to see if I am skimping on the power boosters enough is to build a building in the factory, then once the job ends set up the building. If nothing has a power failure all is good, but if things start to black out, use the "toggle power" to temporarily power down your factory (it's an energy hog) until you build up energy again. You now know exactly how much energy you really need to keep in reserve. If you think your reserve is too high, build another booster.


  Best, simplest, quickest way to find new employees.

  Try not to employ too many zero / one star peeps or you will be promoting them for ever.

  Click on the word "cost" to sort peeps by cost. More expensive = better peep.



  Don't employ criminals. They are bad.

  Employ as many as you can as early as you can and keep the promotions happening. You will get better, stronger more loyal peeps.



  Here your neighbor is set to "friend". We need to change that. I have 47 peeps lined up here, probably a bit of overkill but if you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear.

  Notice that I have this huge army but I only occupy two segments. I was taking it slow so the AI had to open up the intervening segments, this saves me having to buy them my self after I take over his base.

  Remember shooting guns cost energy, make sure you have enough in reserve!



  Once you have declared a foe (War) it is time to start proceedings.

  I keep a few security scuzzers (fuzzers) in my pattern buffer because as soon as the doors open the AI will send his fuzzers into YOUR section! I usually set up a sentry gun near my door lock to prevent this, but a few fuzzers from your buffer will help too.



  Open the door interface to start a breach


  One of your fuzzers will head to the lock and start to wave his fuzzer wand over it. The green / red circle is a progress meter.



  Once the fuzzer opens the doors it's time for action. Start the takeover as soon as possible.

  The first battle will always be the hardest so your only real aim here is to protect your fuzzer while he does his work. Move your rally point near the lock and remove any old ones. This will bring all of your forces to bear right here.



  Just a matter of holding your ground while the door fuzzer is doing it's job. You can pick out individual enemy's by clicking on them at this stage too, do this if you see them giving heat to your door fuzzer.

  If your door fuzzer gets killed you will have to send another one in and start from scratch again. Don't let this happen to you.

  Keep an eye out for enemy fuzzers heading up the other side towards your door locks...

  Remember that you cannot drop your buffer fuzzers in enemy territory.



  The doors start to close, the segment is yours! Get your people out of enemy territory now or they will be trapped on the other side.

  Nice of the AI to build a stardock, I was needing one about now.

  Remember to power up any buildings you have captured and want to keep. The rest just pack them up and sell / recycle.




  Once the doors have closed and you have released the rally points any injured peeps will head to the sickbay. Give them a chance to heal before you open another segment

  War is a time of promotion, hand them out now.



  Packup your front line sentry guns and set them up at the next fire front.

  Thats it, rinse, repeat.

  - So you should take away the energy of their army's, and take away the hearts of their generals    Sun Tzu - The Art of War


  Once you take out the segment with the enemy's (last) energy collector then that enemy is no longer viable and all of it's owned sections will turn grey.

  Grey segments can be claimed without door fuzzers, but you can only claim ones adjacent to your territories.

  There will still be peeps trapped in the grey sectors. If you don't let them out the segment decays and ends up full of rats and dead bodies. Worth doing at least once.



  Once the last grey segment is yours you will be rewarded with this message



  This is a picture of the final battle of mission seven. Note the string of fuzzers heading to the door lock. Final victory was only a few moments away as you don't have to claim all the station for a victory scenario.

  - Those who are first on the battlefield and await opponents are at ease; Those who are last on the battlefield and head into battle get worn out. Therefore good warriors cause others to come to them, and do not go to others.    Sun Tzu - The Art of War